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We don't do the same jobs, so we don't necessarily speak the same language: that's completely normal.

This is why this stage of discussion is essential in order to define the artistic direction of your project according to your expectations and enhance it together.

“The same sentence can mean a thousand different things. You have to be able to penetrate the mind of the person saying it to understand its true meaning. »

Manga, Guillaume Guéraud.

Supporting you is essential. This questionnaire will allow us to best prepare our future exchanges and respond to your expectations in an optimal manner.

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Please complete the form below.

1- quelle est la nature de votre projet ?
4 - Par quel(s) moyen(s)/support(s) allez-vous diffuser votre projet, et pendant combien de temps ?

(1) Free Internet broadcast WITHOUT PURCHASE OF SPACE: Client website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin accounts, Youtube or Vimeo type client channel.

(2) Internet WITH SPACE PURCHASE: sponsored spot on social networks, France geotargeting, YouTube pre-roll and YouTube geotargeting.

(3) Includes: Internet box (All TV channels + special subscription), Segmented TV, IPTV, CTV, OTT, VOD platforms, AVOD, Streaming, Game consoles, DOOH. France AND WORLD depending on the targeting option.

(count 150 words for 1 min of project on average)

(In a few words)

friendly, smiling, sober, calm, reassuring, friendly, didactic, contemplative, charming, dynamic, curious, interrogative, authoritarian, convincing, cheerful, dreamy, message expressed through a character, etc...

8 - Votre structure est-elle reconnue d'utilité publique ?

(of your choice or among the single voices on the “only voices” page)

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