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Journey and collaborations


Trained as a musician on drums, then self-taught in guitar and singing for almost 20 years, a diploma in singing with honors at the MAI in Nancy (former National Center for Musical Creation) allowed me to confirm my passion in 2011 for singing and voice areas.
In 2017, I joined an audiovisual school in Lyon, and obtained an RNCP title at license level in Sound Design and, during an internship, I rediscovered the joy of playing with my voice, no longer on stage... but in a recording booth!

This will be followed by certified training in voice-over techniques in 2020, then an intensive internship in 2021 where I strengthen my adaptation and interpretation skills, essential keys to the voice profession.

Whether you are a studio director, a private company, an artistic or casting director, a production company, a marketing company or even a private individual,…

I put my acquired experiences and vocal skills at your disposal, in order to achieve your objectives together through my voice in our future collaborations.


My various experiences and projects allow me today to be able to collaborate with competent and widely recognized professionals in the professional spheres of voice-over, sound, and more broadly in the audiovisual world. Working together is a pleasure, but also an asset and obvious added value for our respective clients. Also, do not hesitate to contact them on my behalf or ask me for their contact details!

Professional Voice Over collaboration

Honey Pie Studio (label and music recording studio): contact me

Raphaël Peirera (Sound designer):

EHRLUND France (microphony):

Maxent Foulon (director and founder of OLY studio) :

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